Learn how to sew double colored bag handle, bag straps

Double colored handle for a cosmetic bag or a handbag – tutorial

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I really enjoy inventing new ways of sewing bags’ details such as straps, pockets, etc. And when a new method is simple, quick to make and gives a nice effect – what more could you ask for ­čÖé

I used this method to sew a cosmetic bag handle, but you can easily use it to make decorative bag straps.

Creating pattern pieces

Of course our sewing pattern includes the handle pieces, but if you want to use it in other projects, this is how you calculate the size of the pieces:

A – total length of the handle after sewing
B – width of the handle after sewing
C – width of the contrast strap
D – length of the folded ends

To make this handle you need to cut out 2 strips of fabric – one from your main fabric, and the other (smaller) from a contrast fabric.

Main fabric strip
Width (height) of the strip: 2 x B
Length of the strip: (A + 2 x D) + seam allowances

Contrast fabric strip
Width (height) of the strip: 2 x C
Length of the strip: (A – 2 x D) + seam allowances

Sewing the handle

1. Press the longer sides of both strips (toward the wrong side of the fabric) so that their edges meet in the middle. Place the strips right sides together, centered vertically, and pin the short sides together. Sew the sides, sewing from edge to edge of the shorter strip only. Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam.

2. Press the seam allowances open, turn the handle right side out. Lay the handle flat so that the folded sides have the same length (width). Sew the handle around the contrast strip only – sewing close to the edge and in the ditch (along the short sides). The stitching will be visible on the back of your handle so choose an appropriate bobbin thread color. When sewing along the sides make sure your seam allowances are well hidden underneath the fabric (contrast strip).

3. Now sew the handle on your cosmetic bag or a handbag, sewing around folded sides of the handle. You can make a square shaped stitching or add some additional lines. You can also decorate and strengthen the handle using rivets.

Three simple steps and your handle is ready. I told you it’s easy – try it yourself and let me know in the comment how it went ­čÖé

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